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One Maze, No memories and thousands of Monsters wanting to kill them...

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Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch

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1 Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am Di 7 Apr - 23:11


I guess now it's time to give our guests the opportunity to say 'Hello', maybe say a few sentences about themselves and how they got here etc. etc. Wink

It would be great to hear how you found us, why you got here and visit the site and from where you're writing, where you live ^^
And of course wether you're a Maze Runner Fan or not, wether you write stories yourself etc.  And... everything else you wanna share with us here!

I can't wait to hear from you guys and I know for sure: My friends here feel the exact same way!  Very Happy

Well... I have no more to say, I guess ^^




Maybe just a short 'How to use it' ^^

1) Press the "PostReplay" Button below (then you'll get to the chat window , where you can write you're answer)
2) In the first gap at the very top: write your Username (you can just make it up completely ^^ for example: Anne from Canada or Jack24 it doesn't matter)
3) The second gap below is not important. You CAN give your message a title if you like ^^
4) In the biiiig Chat window: Please write your message ^^ Thanks Wink
5) Press the button at the very bottom, the one on the right ^^ (Senden -> means Send)
6) You'll be asked to type a code that is shown to you in colored  symbols (numbers and letters)

And that's it ^^

Thank you very, very much ^^

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2 Re: Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am Di 7 Apr - 23:16


Yay, something new Smile
A visitor´s book is great.^^

Thanks Silvi.^^

3 Re: Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am Di 7 Apr - 23:35

Clove Lee

thanks silvy this is a great idea ^^
please write an message

4 Re: Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am Di 7 Apr - 23:38


Good evening Smile

5 Re: Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am Di 7 Apr - 23:58


wenn ihr das lest schreibt auch eine Nachricht!!!!!!!

6 Re: Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am Mi 8 Apr - 0:03


Wir können es lesen Smile

7 Re: Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am So 12 Apr - 23:42


Hello guests and Welcome in the Glade Very Happy

Wuhu! My english is richtig good xDD

8 Re: Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am Do 16 Apr - 20:36


Yo creo que es una buena idea construir un libro sobre y tambien para nuestros visitantes.
Simplemente clic al botón "Post Replay" y escribir un mensaje a nosotros. Very Happy
Estamos interesad en vuestra opinión sobre la MMFF.
¡Hasta pronto! Smile

Sorry ich konnte nicht anders xD
Nur für den Fall, dass wir tatsächlich Leser aus Südamerika oder südwest-Europa haben sollten Wink
Freue mich auch richtig hier dabei zu sein.

Hoffentlich verstehen unsere Gäste, dass es als einziger Junge in diesem Hühnerhaufen nicht so einfach ist ^^

9 Re: Visitors' Book ~ Gästebuch am Do 16 Apr - 23:18


Hoffentlich verstehen die Gäste, das du als einzigster Junge unter dem Hühnerhaufen ein Kerl als Bild hast Cool

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